English Language

English Diploma


This Diploma gives you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of important aspects of English language and literature. It is ideal for people who have always wanted to study English language and literature in greater detail, as well as learners who are studying English as a second language.

The English language modules cover the fundamentals of grammar, effective speaking, and writing skills.

The English literature modules analyse literature with an emphasis on renowned authors and poets, such as Samuel Coleridge, Arthur Miller and William Shakespeare.

A qualification in this free online Diploma course is the ideal way of demonstrating your proficiency in the English language.

  • Beginners Stage            (Four Levels)
  • Intermediate Stage     (Four Levels)
  • Advanced Stage           (Four Levels)

Conversation Course with a Native Speaker


The English conversation program consists of Six levels. During these courses, learners participate in listening and speaking tasks that are intended to improve their communication skills. The courses focus on improving the learners’ listening and speaking skills. They listen to a variety of texts including conversations, speeches, announcements, debates and negotiations in various contexts, listening for details and main ideas. They also practice dialogue and role play, as well as give presentations related to a variety of topics. There is a focus on stress and intonation to enhance their pronunciation skills. The topics discussed in class are varied and range from the simple to the complex.

Real-time activities are provided throughout the term in each level of the conversation courses. The classroom environment provides real-time contexts for students to practice and interact in English throughout the 30 hours of instruction in each level. Learners obtain a certificate of achievement at the end of every three levels..

  • Six Levels .

Preparatory Course for International Certificates

Course ( TOEFL - IELTS )

Taking the TOEFL test is a very important part of your journey to study in an English-speaking country or program. Here's a basic overview to help you learn more about the test.

The basics of the TOEFL test:
The TOEFL test measures your ability to use and understand the English language as it's read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom. As the most accepted English-language test in the world, more than 8,500 universities, agencies, and other institutions in more than 130 countries accept the TOEFL test as part of their admissions criteria, including nearly every college and university in Australia and the UK.

The test, often referred to as the TOEFL iBT test, is administered at more than 4,500 test sites around the world. A paper-based version of the test is available in areas where TOEFL iBT testing is not possible.

In order for the TOEFL iBT to measure how well you read, listen, speak and write in English, and how well you use these skills together, you'll be asked to integrate these skills for the test. For example, you may read a passage or listen to a lecture, and then write or speak about what you learned.

  • You can get free test for training here http://www.4tests.com/toefl